Sunday, February 17, 2013

You destroyed me.
You used me for your pleasure, made me feel like I was special to you, then fucking destroyed me. And I was stupid enough to let you do it.
I don't know why for one second I though I stood a chance against her, she has you fuckin trapped so good. You'll never be able to escape.
You literaly chose to be in the same fucked up relationship that you've been in this whole time, that you hate and constantly complain about. The one you were just SO happy to fuckin be rid of, you're gonna fuckin go back to that shit..........? Ya, ok bro.
And she's never gonna let you come over to my house again, that's for damn sure. So, say goodbye to seeing all your friends. Sounds awesome!
And you have the fucking nerve to choose that mess of a relationship over the single life, where you get to chill with your friends 24/7 and continue to fuck me with no strings attached. ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE..........!!!!!!!!!!!
You are an idiot. You said the sex with her was terrible. And that I was the best you've ever had. You're also addicted to sex, soooooo..... have fun with that!
You're just an idiot in general, you just listen to whoever is in your head at that time, and she talked you into hell before I could talk you out of it. I just hope you're happy. And I hope you always remember what we had, and I hope you always regret not finding out what we could have been.
You were my first love.
And it's a shame that I didn't realize it until you were gone.

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