Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I had the best time with my boys last night.
Were so funny when were super baked, and I actually remembered all the hilariousness this time.

1. Michael (turns down the music): "Guys blakes freaking out right now and he's the driver. Blake why are you freaking out!?"
Me: "Michael he wasn't freaking out, he was dancing."
Blake: "Yea Michael, I was dancing."

2. Michael: "Everyones middle name is on facebook!"
Me: "No it's not! What's your middle name michael? Space!?"

3. Me: "I am Mrs. I make people feel young again."

4. Michael: "Wow blake what was that? A freakout? Or were you dancing again?"

5. Michael: "I feel so good when I blaze, I just wanna kill someone. Give me a bitch!"

6. Me when Michael wouldn't leave: "REMOVE YOURELF FROM THIS VEHICLE."

love you bj boys.

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