Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, the crazy things you do to me :)
The way my heart stops beating when you touch me.
The way all concentration is lost, when were even in the same building.
With one look from you, my heart melts, and my knees weaken.
I get all shaken up, like I’m being turned into a real live etch-a-sketch.
I see you looking at me out of the corner of my eye.
That just makes me want you more.
Please love me, make all my dreams come true.
The way you love all of my ideas and plans, and want to go wherever I go.
I love how you always stand beside me in a group of people,
and how no matter where we are, some part of our bodies are touching.
I love going on walks to the park with you at night,
and watching our parents get wasted, and sing silly campfire songs.
I love how when I`m with you, the last thing I think about, is how old we are.
I love talking to strangers about bears with you, and finding new and creative ways to steal our parents alcohol.
Please never stop talking to me.
Please stay in my life forever.
And please never change.

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