Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There you are.
Deciding to once again grace this world with your presence.
My heart is sent into palpitations and my sweat glands to do their thing.
I forget all basic motor functions, as I remind myself to open my mouth to breathe.
Left or right. I contemplate as you draw near.
Before I am able to make any rash decisions, I realize you are beside me.
I look up at you, through long lashes and blush as I once again forget to blink and my eyes water. Before I know it, you`re gone.
And I’m left to wonder, what you have said to me.
I saw your lips moving, but my ears felt like they had been full of sludge, and everything was moving in slow motion.
Will you ever know how you make me feel, how the whole world stops when you`re around?
Will I ever know what you have whispered in my ear?


  1. I have felt so many of these emotions before. You have touched my heart a little! :)

  2. Thank you for the comment love! I'm glad you enjoyed this! Haven't we all felt it at some point? :)