Monday, May 24, 2010

Why do we feel the way we do, when we find someone that we just know is special.
All I have to do is look at someone, and I can tell that I’m gonna fall for them. Hard.
Obviously the first thing I notice about someone, is their appearance. But as I learn more about the person, and spend more time with them, I begin to honestly wonder how on earth I didn’t know this person before, and how the hell I was even able to function without them in my life before.
Pretty soon I begin to see their face in my dreams, and hear they’re voice in every silent moment.
As I spiral downwards, unknowingly handing myself over to my newest love affair, I pause to count the moments I have left with them. Whether it be years. Weeks. Days. Or hours. It seems like we will never have the time we want, or need to spend with the people that mean everything to us.
As we count the moments we have left, the urgency comes into play. It’s funny how the moment we realize something is coming to an end, we rush it, indulge in it, or cram it in as much as we possibly can. When in the beginning we didn`t realize how amazing it would be, and took it for granted. When in reality, something this spectacular and amazing should not be taken for granted in the slightest bit, and should most definitely not be crammed in, nor rushed.
Why do some people fall so fast, when others find it so easy to pace themselves?
Why do the greatest people we meet, always seem to come with a catch?
Why is there never enough time?
Finally, when something beautiful begins to end, why do we become urgent? Couldn`t we just have simply enjoyed it in the first place?
Please can we meet again. I think I would do things differently.

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