Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey Everyone!
I just saw the cutest couple today, and it really got me to thinking. This guy treats his girl like she's a legit princess, you can tell how he feels about her just by how he treats her, and acts around her, and it's the cutest thing!
I saw her crying today, and he got up to get her kleenex, after making sure that she was okey, and held her hand the whole time. Then he held the kleenex for her when she was done. He always carries her things for her, and always opens the door for her, he also always gets her things ready for her so when her class is over she can just go home.
It might sound kind of stupid that he does all that, and it might sound like he is completely whipped or something but he does it out of pure respect for her and because he legitimately loves her, and she respects him right back and anyone can tell that she really appreciates it and loves him right back.
And it just really got me to thinking about how thier relationship should be like EVERY relationship, two people completely in love with each other, respecting each other, and WANTING to do everything and anything they can for the other person.
There is not one girl on this earth who deserves anything less than what this amazing guy has to offer, and there isn't one guy out there who has any excuse as to why he shouldn't act like this.
Every person deserves respect and adoration from their significant other, and they should always want to be together, just spending time with eachother is special for them.

Anyways theres my little rant for the day :)
Everyone have an amazing spring break!

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