Sunday, June 2, 2013

I hate change, and don't do well with nostalgia.

June 2nd
Shit eh, a years gone by already in this house.
It's been a bumpy as fuck ride, that's all I can say.
Looking back, I honestly don't know how I got through most of it, I guess I'm stronger than I thought I was.
And I had one or two guardian angels that did more for me than they'll ever know.
They both probably saved my life to be honest. One did for sure.
Most of it was a blurr, I feel like I tried to block out all the worst parts; which was 95% of the memories.
But some things you just can't forget, and never will. The mind can't erase everything completely.
As fucked as it was, I have no regrets.
I lost some friends, made some new ones.
Found my best friend.
And as sad as I am to leave this house, and all of it's memories behind; good and bad. I know that it's the only way to move on, and nothing else makes sense.
I have peace with this decision because I get to take with me, the only good thing about my past year.
And as long as I have him, I know everything else will be fine.
It's definitely harder to move on than I ever imagined, but I'm hoping that this fresh start will be better than the last; and I hope more than anything, that the people that truly matter, will stay in my life even after all of us are gone. I hope that we can still be best friends.

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