Sunday, May 26, 2013

8 Months now, and you still make me nervous.
You make my knees weak, and my heart beat so fast.
I feel like I can't breathe sometimes when I catch you looking at me.
I've never felt such love for someone before, and to feel that love back, it's the greatest high I could have ever imagined.
I love you with everything that I have.
I would be nothing without you. I am forever grateful for everything that you've done for me the past few months. These months would have been the lowest part of my life if you hadn't been there with me. Instead, they've been the greatest months of my life.
I hope you and me will always be together.
I hope that we'll always be as in love as we are now.
I hope we never get boring, and I hope that we will never forget these times; When everything was so incredibly complicated and fucked, but we kept our shit simple, and just loved, instead of absolutely everything else we felt. And we had each other, it was the only way I made it through. Knowing that no matter what happened, I would have you in the end. I hope I can always be assured of that.

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