Thursday, September 20, 2012

I legitimately haven't had this much hatred for someone in a long fucking time.
You are one of the most disgusting people i've ever met.
There's not one thing about you that I can stand.
I'm not even so mad about what you did to me, it's the fucking goddamn fact that you are so incredibly fuckked in the head, that you literally don't think you did anything wrong, and if I was ever even stupid enugh to forgive you, you'd probably fucking do it again. You are a sick person, and I can't stand you. I can't stand that I always have to hear your name, I hate it, it makes me want to punch something. I hate that you're always around, it makes me wanna punch you. I just hate you in general. I hate that you talk about me to people, as if you're in the right and I'm in the wrong. Fuck you, are you that twisted and that much of a fucking slutty whore, that you actully think you did nothing wrong, you never fail to blow my mind. You disgust me, how you have no standards.You make me sick, how you think you have so many friends, la la la, you're such a good friend, just living your life, being a good friend. FUCK YOU SLUT. You legit don't know the first thing about being a friend, you are the farthest thing from being trustworthy, and the farthest thing from being a good friend. You don't think about anyone except for yourself, that's being a really good friend! The fact that there is nothing you won't do, doesn't really work in a friendship, sorry. Get over yourself, you're nothing, you're no one, you will never amount to anything or anyone. I hate you so much. The fact that you can even wake up in the morning and look at yourself disgusts me, hell, the fact that you wake up in the morning disgusts me. You're a coward and a pussy. I wish you could hear yourself talk when I try and start a friendly conversation with you, it's absolutely revolting. Your face turns red, and your jaw does this weird thing, and you move your head violently when you talk, and then of course there's that fucking voice, "Um, well, I dunno," so fucking shakey, and stuttery and whiney. TALK NORMAL. It's gross. Anywho, I hate you, I'm over your name always coming up in conversation, you're face always making an appearance in my life, GOODBYE to you. I'm just sitting around eagerly waiting for the moment when you fuck with my friends like you fucked with me. They will tear you apart and eat you alive. And they will FINALLY realize how much you suck, how disgusting you are, and they will FINALLY see you for what you are: A whore. Just everyones fuckin whore. Good luck in life, you should go really far!

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