Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fuck you for trying to get in the middle of me and my best friend.
Fuck you for thinking that you have any say in how my life pans out.
Fuck you for thinking you could get me in trouble over nothing.
Fuck you for thinking you're better than everyone else.
And fuck you for fucking with me just because YOUR life sucks, and you want some company at the bottom.
Bitch, let me lay this out for you right now so you understand.
1. No one likes you. And the people that you think you have in your life, they constantly talk shit about you to me. It used to bug me too that they were so two faced to you, until you decided to fuck with me. Now I just think it's hilarious that the few people that you do have in your life, talk shit about you too. Hahahahahahahahaa.
2. Your life sucks, just sayin. It's just a really really sad life. So stop thinking you're better than everyone else, cause you're not. You're not better than anyone. Except for maybe a homeless person.
3. Legit just stop being obsessed with my life, you need to move on. I know that my life's pretty legit, especially right now, and you're jealous of all the things that are working out for me right now. But get over it. Sorry. Bi.

Peace out faggot.
Hopefully your life will get better soon, so you can stop obsessing over mine.
Just leave me alone.
You're like the green onions that I hate, that I find in all my food.
It's just there. And I hate it. And as much as I try and pick it out, there always seems to be some leftover, and it just fucks up my whole meal.
So stop fucking with my life, and please just vanish from it.
K :)

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