Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You would have been the luckiest fucker in the world.
I would have never cheated on you.
I would have never wanted anything you couldn't give me.
I wouldn't have made you give up anything you love that I don't agree with.
We would have been so happy together.
Everything could have been perfect.
Why can't you see that?
Why can't you see that the fact that we are so different, is what makes us so perfect for eachother.
It's beautiful really.
We compliment eachother perfectly.
We bring the best out in eachother.
Why did you have to end it like this.
You're never gonna find someone that was more perfect for you.
You're never gonna find someone who would've and could've loved you more.
Please don't do this.
It's killing me.

I wish I could let him go. Fuckk.

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