Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've been going there for 13 years.
13 precious years of my life have been spent in those dreary faceless hallways.
And it's finally over.
I have so many mixed emotions about this.
I feel like I have so many loose ends that I still need to tie up,
and so much of my time and effort has been put into this school,
I'm not yet finished there. But at the same time, I've been finished for years.
I cannot fathom the idea of not returning there in 2 months.
This routine has become my life.
My real world, and my real life are beginning.
And it's all happening so fast.
Blurring in front of my eyes.
So many people, that don't really know how I feel about them.
So many people that have impacted my life in unexplainable ways,
and so many others that I'm extactic i'll never have to see again.
The world is a massive place, and I feel like were all being thrown into it at full speed,
unaware and confused about what to do and who to trust.
My greatest wish is that we'll all succeed, and use our knowledge and education to our greatest abilities.
That not one of us will fail.
And that we'll all simply remember where we came from, and never forget the experience and the people who not only helped us through the rough times, but made them possible to move on from, and possible to live through.
Thank you everyone for being real and for sharing the most wonderful, amazing moments with me.

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