Thursday, June 17, 2010

I cannot fathom the fact that this day has come.
I can already tell that I am going t0 be a wreck.
I can't leave this place.
I was so sure I could.
But not anymore.
How many times have I walked through those doors in the past 13 years?
How many memories do I have here?
All the amazing teachers.
All the friends I've made.
All the boys I've had had crushes on.
I walk down the hallways and reminisce on my childhood constantly, but I can't do that anymore.
It's all over.
I guess everything turned out okey.
I just feel like were all so immature, and not yet ready to leave.
But at the same time, were all incredibly mature and have been through so much, these past couple years.
But now it's all over.
I'm absolutely terrified, but I didn't realize it, until now.
But now it's all over.

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