Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everyday, When I get home from school, I walk to this man-made lake by my house.
It's near a school, which has an amazing park (And if you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with swings!)
It also has the most beautiful winding path, which trails alongside the lake.
Anyways, it's super close to my house, so everyday I walk over to this park and I find my favourite swing, and I face the lake.
I swing as high as the swing will let me and then jump off.
I swear it feels like I'm flying, and I absolutely love this feeling.
After I've jumped off the swing, I walk down to the lake and I just sit down and close my eyes and listen.
I live in a pretty wealthy neighbourhood, but the houses across the lake, that actually have the lake in their backyard, are probably some of the nices houses in my neighbourhood.
They have the greatest backyards, they're long and most of them have small docks at the waters edge.
Anyways, I just sit there and listen to the ducks, loons, and all the other lake creatures.
I swear as I sit there and listen that it feels like you're at the cottage.
I long so badly to be able to sit on one of the lucky houses' dock and curl up on a giant blanket.
I've talked SO much on here about the feelings I have, where I don't feel like I'm living the right life. I've talked about it to no end, and it's probably getting really old. One of the places where I feel like I was supposed to live is at a cottage, and I LOVE this lake, because it brings me back to this, and makes me feel like where I'm supposed to be.
As I walk back home, I cross the giant field and pass some of the cutest houses I have ever seen.
They're all the exact same style, just in different colours and slightly different exterior.
When I walk on the sidewalk in front of them I like to pretend that they're beach front property in Malibu and I live in one of them.
Another one of my fantasies :)

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