Sunday, October 7, 2012

Since I don't know the best way to describe how I feel about you, and there are absolutely no words to fully describe it either, I'm jut going to get high instead, and say the things that I like about you, now:
1. You always turn me on, no matter what you do. Whether you're trying to or not.
2. You care about me. And in general, you're a very caring person
3. I genuinely think you're a cutie.
4. The way you talk to me, and acutually fuck, the way you just talk in general I personally think is sexy as fuckin shit.
5. I can tell that you're very reliable, and if I ever needed someone, you'd be there for me.
6. I love how open and comfortable we are with eachother, that's honestly my favourite part. It's like I'm chillin with my best friend, who all of a sudden morphs into the guy of my dreams who I fuck, and share the most indescribable moments with. I just feel like you're my perfect guy in every single way.
7. I love the way you smell honestly, it makes me want to fuck you every second, of every day. It's the greatest smell ever.
8. I love how you make me feel, and the way that you look at me. You legitimately think that I am beautiful, and never pass up a chance to remind me.
9. I die when you call me lady. I don't know why, and I'll never be able to explain it, but it's hands down, the sexiest thing a guy has ever done or said to me.
10. I love just being with you, as much as I love fucking you. I love how we can just chill all the time and have real fuckin conversations. It's amazing and absolutely perfect.

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