Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have lived where I currently live for my whole life.
This city is the definition of a love hate relationship, and everyone here knows it.
As much as I hate to live here, I do feel some sort of loyalty to it.
But when I think about the world and everything out there, I truly realize how necessary it is to leave.
My two dream destinations for various reasons are California and New York.
When I think of these two places in comparison to my current living arrangements, it seems like a no brainer to pack up all my shit, and run for the hills.
But then of course there's the loyalty I feel for my city, and the handful of loved ones I do have here.
And my favourite barrier, that I seem to have in the way of all my dreams: cash money flow.
It sucks, and as much as I assure myself that I will get out of here one day, if it's the last thing I do; I'm not an idiot, and I know that the chances of it happening are slim to none.

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