Friday, August 19, 2011

Here's the deal K,
I can't actually be with you, because it's too scary to think about, and I can't deal with what people will think, my family especially.
But I do have legitimate feelings for you, and it upsets me when you're flirting with other people, especially when you bullshit me into believing that I'm the only one for you, and the only one you're interested in.
I don't play that game.
I'm the girl you work your hardest to get, not the girl that you can just have easily.
Aaannndd if I'm your girl, I'm your only girl. There's no one else.
As soon as you understand this and treat me with the love and respect that I need, we'll see what happens.
Buuuttt, scarily enough, I do actually have feelings for. Stronger feelings than I would care to admit.
They scare me to be honest.

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