Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I don't understand who you think you are.
And I don't understand how you expect people to respect you when you act like the biggest idiot of all.
You constantly say the most ridiculous things.
And you constantly make yourself look like the most uneducated person ever.
You yell at people for no reason, about things that don't matter, and things that you consistently do yourself.
You expect people to respect you, but how are we supposed to when any speck of positive qualities you posess are so deeply hidden.
You don't even realize that you are the most mocked person.
Everyone thinks you're a joke.
I don't remember hating anyone as much as I hate you.
And I can't remember a time in which I ever felt a sliver of respect towards you.
I look down upon you, even at my age I feel like I'm far more superior than you'll ever dream of being.
Man up.
Stop acting like a fool.
Stop treating everyone like dirt.
Stop trying to be such a hard ass.
Stop being such a hypocrite.
Start trying to actually treat the people close to you with respect,
and start trying to act like a real father figure.
I can't even remember a time in my life where I've legitimately loved you.
Not every kid is as bad as you were.
And not every kid deserves to be treated as a criminal like you were.
Since you haven't proved to me this far into my life that you are a valuable member of society, you can:
1. Leave me alone.
2. Stop trying to act like you have any control over what I do.
3. Stop trying to act like my father now, seeing as I basically grew up without you being one.
4. Stop being such a ridiculous fool.
Oh, and don't even begin to think that you'll be walking me down the aisle at my wedding. Never in hell would you get the honor of walking me down the aisle, when I never even had the honor of having a father figure who loved me in the slightest.
K, cool.

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